Lucinda McHenry searching for her mother and six siblings

MR. EDITOR-- I wish to inquire for my people. I left them in Hempstead county, Ark., 1854; my mother's name was Rose Ann; she belonged to a man by the name of Ben Akers; she married a man by the name of Riley Martin. When I left mother she had six children, three boys and three girls; my eldest sister's name was Frances, and mine Lucinda. We were brought to Texas; old man Bell brought Sister Frances and Arch Bell brought Lucinda to Texas in 1884; Brother Phillips, whom we called Taney for short; George Hillard and Anderson, and the baby named Louisa. My grandmother's name was Nancy; she belonged to a man by the name of Tidwell Annt Elvira Tidwell and Aunt Eliza belonged to Ben Akers. Uncles John and Joseph belonged to Peter Tidwell. Address Lucinda McHenry, Hallettsville, Lavaca county, Texas.

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