Harriet Sherrill (formerly Harriet Clarke) searching for her mother

MR. EDITOR—I desire to inquire
for my mother, who belonged to
Henry Harper. Her brother was
called Hill. She married Hall. Col
lins [Collins] was my step brother; brother
was Ed. Williams. There were
three girls and I was the oldest—
Violent, Minnie, and myself, Har
riet [Harriet]. I left her when about 12
years old, a half mile from Louis
burg [Louisburg]. The last I heard from her
she was about three miles from Cor-
nersville [Cornersville]. Marshall county, Tenn
Henry Harden gave me to his
daughter. Betsey Clark married
Lewis Clarke, and he brought me
to Lawrence county from Crockett
county, to near the town of Friend
ship [Friendship]. I was called Harriet Clarke.
I married William Harville, but I
now go by the name of Sherrill.
My sister Minnie was married and
she lived near Nashville. I have
eight children. Address me at
Friendship, Tennessee.

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