G. W. Hayman searching for his uncle Philip Morton

MR. EDITOR––I wish to inquire
for my uncle through your paper.
His name is Philip Morton. He
was born in Georgia, on Beaver
Dam Creek, in Green county. He
belonged to Robert Rea. He lived
there until he was five years old,
after which he came to Alabama.
When eighteen years old, he was
brought to Arkansas by Thomas
Oliver. The overseer's name was
Anderson Bussey, who lived in
Columbia county, about 14 miles
southwest of Magnolia, near Mat-
thew's [Matthew’s] old store. He belonged to
Cornelius Rea. His parents used
to go by the name of Rea, but their
names have since been changed to
Joseph and Alzaro Morton. He
has only one sister. Her name
was Sarah Ann. She married a man
by the name of Nelson Holston,
but his name has since been
changed to Hayman. He left two
years before the Civil War closed;
also another man left with him, by
the name of Shug Rea. Any one
finding the above mentioned, will
greatly oblige by addressing me at
Sharman, Columbia county, Ar-
kansas [Arkansas]. G. W. HAYMAN.

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