Eliza Gedding (formerly Eliza Fry) searching for her daughter Sarah Francis Brown

MR. EDITOR––Allow me to in-
quire [inquire] for a relative of mine, it is my
child; she was sold from me when
about 10 years old. We were form-
erly [formerly] servants of Elizabeth Hoflers.
Her name was Sarah Francis
Brown. My name at that time was
Eliza Fry. She was carried South
by a man named McGill, and was
sold to a man in Haywood named
Harvey Curry; this was about 8 or
9 years before the rebellion. I had
strict account that she was there
up to that time. I have been seek-
ing [seeking] for her ever since we have been
free. We both resided in the city
of Louisville, Ky., in which I still
remain. She is my only child. My
name at present is Eliza Gedding,
residence 1536 Kentucky street, be-
tween [between] 15th and 16th streets, Louis-
ville [Louisville], Ky.

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