William Davis and his sister Mary reunited after forty years separation

Strange History of William Davis and His
Sister, Once Slaves.
Niles, Mich. Aug. 10. - Forty years
ago William Davis and his sister Mary
were slaves in the family of James Mat-
lock, a rich Georgia planter. Just be-
fore the war Matlock died and William
and Mary were sold to pay the debts of
the estate. They were parted and for
forty years neither heard of the other.
After the war William took the name of
Davis and came north to Niles. He
began the dray business, amassing a
small fortune. To-day he learned that
his sister is still alive and was in San
Francisco. She sought out her brother
William that she might leave her fortune
of $150 000 to him. When she was sold
she was bought by a wealthy wom[an]
who took her to California. when this
woman died she had no relatives to leave
her money to, and so made Mary her
heir. Mary is now 83 years old.

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