J. T. Henry seeking information about his uncle Andy Halebrooks (2nd of 2 ads placed)

MR. EDITOR -- I wish to inquire the whereabouts of my uncle, Andy Halebrooks. He used to belong to a man by the name of Mayberry; he had a brother named Anderson who was my father; also two other brothers, George and William, and two sisters, Mary and Martha, belonging to James Wardlaw, all living in Walker county, Ga., 7 miles south of Lafayette Ga., on the old Alabama road near Duck Creek. Andy was sold in time of the war and carried South by this man Haldbrook, because he tried to go to the Yankees. He then came back after he was freed to Chattanooga, Tenn., and left us in 1864 or '65, and went to Cristiana, Tennessee, and from there I know not where. His wife's name was Henrietta; she had several children when he married her. Any information will be received gladly by Rev. J. T. Henry; Chattanooga, or Mission Ridge, East Tennessee.

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