Mary Hilliard (formerly Mary Tadums) searching for her sisters, Emily, Renthy, Caroline, and Laura

MR. EDITOR --- I wish to inquire for my sisters, whom I left in Georgia. Their names are Emily, Renthy, Caroline and Laura. Caroline and Laura used to belong to a man by the name of Bob McCarney, they lived one mile north east of LaGrange, Ga.; they were the two younger sisters. Our first owner was Felix Lesly; there were three of us belonged to the Lesly's of whom I am one. My name is Mary Hilliard, but before I married I was named Mary Tadums, after my last owner. My husband, Bunk Hilliard, was owned by a man named Whit Sturling; he was always called Sturling, but subsequently they gave himm the name of Bunk Hilliard in honor of the battle of Bunker Hill. Felix Lesly's wife died and we, Mary, Renthy and Emily, fell back to the widow Nancy Tadums. My sister Emily married a man named Elijah Hardnah; they moved to Columbia, Ga., on the farm of a man named
Eli Shorter; her last owner, Bob Richard, lived in LaGrange, Ga. My youngest sister, Renthy, was carried to Florida by our first owner, Felix Lesly. Will the teachers, preachers and all other readers of the SOUTHWESTERN in and near LaGrange and Columbia, Ga., and Florida help me to find my sisters? I heve not seen them for about 21 years. Any information that will lead me to find them will be thankfully received. Two of my sons take the paper, and I very often have the letters of the lost friends read but can not hear from any of them. Please address Mrs. Mary Hilliard, in care of my son, A. G. Hilliard, Hackberry, Texas.

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