Ned Boyd (formerly Ned Sutton) and Lucy Boyd (formerly Lucy Peters) searching for their daughter Martha Peters, children and extended family

MR. EDITOR: We wish to inquire for our children and people. Ned Sutton and Lucy Peters, mother of Martha Peters, belonged to Polly Peters, in York district, S.C. Manda and Peters went off at the same time, with Brown Duncan. Jesse Greer was Manda's father, and her mother, Liberty Peters, belonged to Widow Polly Peters. Emeline Peters, a cousin of Manda and Lucy, a mother of Peggie Peters, Annie Peters, Lucy Peters and Watkins Peters moved to Tennessee, and carried Annie and Fannie Peters with him. I last heard from William, Sam Peters' son, whose father is dead. He said they were living in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1880, when they left South Carolina. We are now near Lauderdale, Kemper county, Miss. We were sold by Sutton to Louis M. Boyd, and took his name. Address at Lauderdale, Miss., NED BOYD, or LUCY BOYD,

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