George Villars seeking information about his sister Mary Carethers

Mr. Editor - My sister, Mary
Carethers, I have not seen since
the war. She formerly belonged
to Samuel Carethers, at his death
she became the property of their
children, Mary and Smith Carethers.
In the time of the war they
all went to Texas, where they
stopped with their uncle, Lev-Cooper;
I do not know the town or
county. My father's name is
Frank Villars, he belonged to
Judge Villars at Fredericktown,
Mo. My mother's name was Hannah
White, she belonged to Billy
White. My mother is yet alive and
lives on Caster Creek, seven miles
east of Fredericktown, she goes by
the name of Hannah Villars. Six
of the children are still living,
Frank, Louis, Isaac, Eliza, Elizabeth
and George Villars. Should
any one be so fortunate as to have
a knowledge of her whereabouts,
will confer a lasting favor upon her
relatives by addressing George
Villars at Fredericktown, Madison
county, Mo.

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