Rev. J. J. Turner searching for family

Mr. Editor:- I desire information
of the following named relatives:
My mother's named Maria,
belonged to Perry Starks in Louisville,
Ky.; my brother's named
Zachariah Taylor; my sister named
Dollie Ann - all belonged to Perry
Starks. My sister Mary we left her
in Virginia. I think she belonged
to a Mr. Carter at the time. We
parted in Charlottesville. We were
sold there from the Eade's estate,
as well as I can recollect. My sister
Sarah she belonged to Terry Graves
in Fayette, Mo. She and I went to
Missouri together. In a short time
after I was sold again; and to
the present time I have been unable
to learn anything from them or
their whereabouts. I am the oldest
boy, and was about three years of
age at the time of our separation.
I am about 35 years old now. I
hope brother preachers will take
an interest in my inquiry and help
me find my relatives. Address.
Abilene, Taylor Co., Texas,
Lock Box 21.
Feb. 19-6m

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