Sarah Burk looking for her father Rasmus Harrington, mother Polly Harrington, and siblings Alice, Eveline, Mary, Harriet, Martha Jane, Richard, Mack, Paul, Radfort, and Mansfield

MR. EDITOR - I wish to inquire
through your paper for my
relatives. My father's name was
Rasmus Harrington; my mother's name
was Polly Harrington; my sisters
were Alice , Eveline, Mary, Harriet,
and MarthaJane; my brothers were
Richard, Mack, Paul, Radfort and
Mansfield. My mother belonged
to Charles Jones, of Franklin
county; Missouri. Father belonged
to Dick Jones of the same county;
Mary, Harriet, Richard and Mack
belonged to Letcher, one hundred
miles above St. Louis, in Seline
county, and Paul went with Mr.
Letcher to California; my mother,
Alice, Eveline, Marth Jane, Mansfield
and I were all sold in Louisville,
Ky. My name was Sarah
Harrington. I am now married,
and my name is Sarah Burk. If
you can get any information for me
it will be thankfully received. I
have never heard from any of them
since the war. Address Sarah
Burk, Madison, Jefferson county,

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