Mary Virgin Brown searching for her brothers and sisters

DEAR SIR: For several years I have tried in vain to hear from my brothers and sisters, living in your State, and some, I think, in Charleston. Having charge of a large church, and a man of influence with my people, I have thought it possible that you may know some of my relatives, and would be so kind as to give me the information that I desire. I was brought to this State before the war, and was too small to recollect how far I lived from Charleston; but I know only a few miles. My father was named Peter Virgin, and belonged to a man named Richard Mimmons. His sons were named Carolina Virgin, Thomas Virgin, Peter Virgin, Albert Virgin. The girls were named Charlotte, Phillis, Susan, Jane. As my old home was not far from Charleston, I thought it more than probable that some of the children were living there, and you will confer a great favor upon one who is entirely isolated from her relatives, if you will read this letter to your congregation; and any information that you or they can give me will be thankfully received. Address Leota, Miss., care of S.K. McDowell. MARY VIRGIN BROWN

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