Caleb Brown searching for his family including mother Millie

MR. EDITOR - I wish to try and find out, through your paper, if there is any of my family living. They lived near Livingston, Sumpter county, Ala. My mother was named Millie, and belonged to David Hooks; my oldest brother was named Samuel; he was sold to some one living about 15 miles from Livingston. I was brought to Texas in 1853 by Mr. Joel Newton, who lived at Gaston, Ala. I have never heard from them since I came to Texas. I left two brothers and three sisters in Alabama: Samuel, Jeremiah, Mary, Rosetta and Anis; I also left two uncles: Ben, who was owned by a Mrs. Reed, near Gaston, and John, who belonged to Edmund Williams. The old foreman on Mr. Hook's place was named Needham. I go by my father's name, Brown. Address Caleb Brown, Seguin, Texas.

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