Harriet Dupree looking for her father David Brannomn

MR. EDITOR - I wish to inquire
for my father; his name was David
Brannomn; he left me in Georgia,
in Wilkes county, when I was about
6 years old, and I am now about
46 years of age. My mother's name
was Sennie Brannomn; she died in
Wilkes Brannomn; she died in
Wilkes county when I was about 5
or 6 years old. My oldest brother
was named Richard Brannomn; I
also had one named Daniel Brannomn;
my name was Harriet Brannomn
but now is Harriet Dupree.
My father was owned by a man
named William Henry Brannomn,
our first owners name was Bedford
Cade; Bedford Cade's wife died
and my father went back to Nm.
Henry Brannomn. The last time I
heard from my father he was in
Putnam county, Georgia, living
with the same man, William Henry
Brannomn. The last time that I
heard of my brother Richard he
he was living, and my brother Daniel
is living with me at Bobbin,
Montgomery county, Texas.

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