Josephine Bucket (formerly called Josie) looking for her parents Catehrine Holden and Alex Holden

MR EDITOR ---- Josephine Bucket wishes me to seek information through the SOUTHWESTERN for her mother and father. Her mother's name was Catehrine Holden, and her father Alex Holden. She lived with her uncle, Lee Holden, in Leon county, Texas. She was hired to one Lewis Wright, but was sold to one Mr. Denis, who carried her to Burleson county, Texas, in 1863. They used to call her Josie. She is now Josephine Bucket -- her post office is Burleson, Burleson county, Texas. Any information concerning the above named parties will be thankfully received by Alfred Smith, San Antonio, Texas. P. S. ---- Information may be sent to Mrs. Josephine Bucket, or to me, A. Smith, at San Antonio, Texas.

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