Gad Vick (formerly Gad Whidcar) searching for their parents Violet Davis and Naptili and siblings

MR. EDITOR --- I wish to inquire for my people. We parted before the war; my mother's name was Violet Davis; she was sold to Eliza Polk; there were nine brothers and two sisters of us; brothers were named Israel, Bertrand, Situs, Seth, Cara, Dan, Hap and Beau Davis, and my name is Gad Vick. My sister's name was Zilpa; we left them in Halifax county, North Carolina. My father, sister Jane and I came to Lafayette county, Miss. Father went to Gainesville, Ala., with Mrs. Sally Wiggins, and that was the last I heard from them. My father's name is Naptili; my name was Gad Whidcar, but they sold me to Vick. Please address Gad Vick, Capleville, Shelby county, Tenn.

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