Mary Jane Renfro searching for her mother Judia Hunter, brother Cincinnati Stiff, and sister Karry Ann Hunter

MR. EDITOR--I would like to know the whereabouts of my mother, brother and sister. Mother's name was Judia Hunter. Brother's and sister's were Cincinnati Stiff Karry Ann Hunter. We belong to Dr. James Hunter, who lived in Marshall county, Mississippi. We were carried from Marshall, Mississippi, to Hardeman county, Tennessee, to a man by the name of Tom Peterson. We were sold to a man by the name of Anderson Morse, who brought me (Mary Hunter) and brother Cincinnai to Noxubec county, Miss. We stayed there one year after we were parted from mother and sister. The next year we moved to to Oktibbeha county, Miss. We lived there with Anderson Moss about 10 or 12 years. After which he was sold to Col. Shaw and brought to Louisiana. the last I heard of him he was in DeSoto parish, La. We were sold among Pelmets. Write to me at Mary Jane Renfro, Mayfield, Milan county, Tex. MARY JANE RENFRO,

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