Ben Ford searching for his friend Ben Herbert

DEAR EDITOR ---- I wish to inquire
of an old friend of mine. His
name is Ben Herbert. He has a
son with us. His son's name is
Joseph Herbert, and he says that
in 1878 he lived in Jackson, Miss.,
but since that time he has removed,
and that he could not learn
where. In 1881 his son heard that
he had went through Vicksburg,
Miss , and was living somewhere
on the river, but he never could
find out where. In slavery he
belonged to Dr. P. Wilson. His
wife's name is Nelly. She died
one year before emancipation. I
will describe him: He is a low
small man, weighs about one
hundred and twenty pounds, about
fifty years of age, dark complexion,
high forehead, bald on the top.
He has got two sons and one
daughter. The eldest Joseph
Herbert, younger son's name is
Thomas Herbert and the daughter's
name Caroline Halthy. She
is married to Isam Halthy. Joseph
Herbert is a school teacher in our
vicinity and he stays with me.
Dear editor if such a man can be
found please address me at
Lexington, Miss. Yours truly,

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