Smith Blackwell searching on behalf of his wife, Rhoda Blackwell, for her parents Molly and Peter Roe and several siblings

DEAR EDITOR - I wish to know
something of my wife's relations
she was born in Virginia and left
there when a child. She left there
with her brother Harry who was
the next child to her. Harry was
sold to a man in Charlestown. I do
not know who he was. My wife's
name is Rhoda. Mother's was
Molly, Father's Peter Roe, eldest
sister Sucia, second, Louisa, eldest
brother Robert. There were some
young children but I do not know
their names. She now goes by the
name of Rhoda Blackwell; they all
belonged to the Roe family.
Address me at San Felipe.

Austin, Co., Texas.

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