Thomas Austin seeking his siblings Andy, Washington, Jerry, and Silla

MR. EDITOR: I have three brothers
and one sister somewhere in the
country, for whom I wish to inquire.
My brothers are named respectively,
Andy, Washington, and Jerry. My
sister's name is Silla. I was brought
from Georgia to Alabama in or
about 1838. At that time they were
all together, belonging to the Austins,
or it may be Alstons. I can
not say to which one of them, Bill,
James, or Starling, they belonged
as we were all too young to know
our separate masters. Our father's
name was Tom, and our mother's
name was Rachel. We were sold
to a Mr. Joe Evans, who bought us
of James Austin, or as it may be,
Alston, after we were brought to
Alabama. We left the above named
relatives, in 1838, in Georgia. The
father of the Austin boys, whose
name was Nat, was killed by a servant
of his named Aleck. The name
of their mother was Ridda. We are
a large family here, and would
appreciate highly any information as
to my inquiry.


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