Anna Brown seeking information about her brothers Henry, William and John Brundridge, as well as her sister Lucinda Towls (1st of 2 ads)

Of my brothers Henry, John and
William Brundridge. They
were taken from Huntsville, Ala
bama, in the year 1842 or 1843
and went somewhere near Memphis,
Tenn. Their mother's name was
Phoebe Mitchell. I also had a sister
by the name of Lucinda Towls
who was taken from Huntsville
about fifty years ago by a man
named Walter Scott, to Nashville,
Tennessee. She married a man by
the name of Buril Mitchell. They
belonged to the same man my
mother belonged to. She had a son
named John. Please address me at
280 East Third Street, Peru, Indiana,
and oblige.

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