The Huntsville Journal (Huntsville, AL)


The Huntsville Journal (Huntsville, AL)


1895, 1896, 1897, 1899, 1900, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1908, 1909

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John Milton Anderson searching for his people
Anderson has not seen his family since 1863. His brother, Edmond, killed at Fort Pillow, during the Civil War.

R.M. Moore searching for Mr. Ed Gholston
Left for Keyton, Alabama [ca. 1906] and not heard from since. Searcher is W.M. [Worshipful Master] of Crispus Attucks Lodge No. 122. [a black Masonic lodge], Dale, Alabama. Gholston was a member of this lodge.

Mrs. Jane Drake/Jane Shanklin searching for her son, John Gardner
Mrs. Drake last saw her son in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1864 [during the Civil War]. She formerly belonged to Mr. Shanklin.

Mrs. Alice Young searching for her mother and sisters
Young, of Washington, DC, is searching for her mother, Mrs. Candace Quinn, and sisters, Mrs. Ella Barby and Mrs. Missouri Walker.

Milton Anderson searching for his folks
Anderson left Lee County, Mississippi, during the Civil War, to join the Federal Army.

Alvin Steele searching for his mother Sarah Steele and his sister Harriet Steele
Alvin Steele was carried from Huntsville, Alabama, to Canton, Mississippi, during the Civil War. He returned to Huntsville in 1895 in search of his mother and sister.

Mrs. Sarah Daniels searching for her siblings Hezekiah, William Capers, Robert, and Laura
Mrs. Sarah Daniels searching for her brothers Hezekiah, William Capers, Robert, and sister Laura. A white Methodist preacher named Ledbetter carried them from South Carolina to Alabama at the time of the Civil War.

Mr. George Noels is searching for his sister, Martha Noels
They parted over forty years ago [ca 1868, during the Civil War or Reconstruction], at Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Mr. Alexander Buford searching for his folks
Mr. Alexander Buford was born in the Big Cove at the foot of Big Mountain [Big Cove, Madison County, AL]. He "left" there before or during the Civil War.

Mrs. Lydia Gee searching for her sons, Stephen Gee and Albert Gee
The last heard of them they were in St. Louis, Missouri.

King Lee Chapman searching for Mrs. Bell Lee Chapman
She is the sister of Mr. Ben F Batts of Nashville, Tennessee.

I.Z. Moore searching for Mrs. Della Moore
Her husband was Jack Moore. She was at Pensacola, Florida, when last heard from.

Geo. W. Donagan searching for Geo. Robertson
Edward W. Robertson went to Springfield, Illinois, in 1899. He was killed by a train on his way to Peoria, Illinois. Donagan is searching for his father, near Huntsville, Alabama, so he can inform him.

H. C. Binford is searching for Mr. John H. Branford
Branford left Birmingham, Alabama, in 1886. He was last heard from in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1887.

Anderson Lewis searching for his sister Sarah Scott
Anderson Lewis seeking information about Sarah Scott

G.W. Kinebrew is searching for his wife
Her maiden name was Angie Downaldson. They were married in 1898 in Madison County, Alabama.

F. M. J. Mashaw searching for Rev. J. H. Braby
Rev. J.H. Braby left Elrod, Alabama, last year [ca. 1904]. Last heard of in Georgia.

Mr. John G. Lewis, Grand Master of Masons for Louisiana, searching for Mrs. Amy Fuller
Mrs. Amy Fuller lived near Post Oak, Alabama. Her son, John Fuller, died. "Will be to her interest" to contact Lewis.
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