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Daily Dispatch. Richmond VA. May 8 1876.jp2
Abraham Tyler searching for his brother, William Carter, formerly owned by Dr. Peterfield Trent. Went south from Richmond, VA, in 1867 or 1868.

Unnamed 5-15-1884.tif
An unnamed party is searching for their mother Sarah Jane and sisters Ella and Belle. They belonged to John Johnson who brought them from Missouri to Texas. They were left in Johnson County, TX. Johnson sold the unnamed party to Mr. Varnell.

Unnamed 4-17-1884.tif
An unnamed party is searching for their father Isham Yarborough, step-mother, and their children. They went to Texas about 28 years ago with a Mr. McClannahan. Isham was a blacksmith by trade. They have not been heard from since leaving…

Unnamed 4-10-1884.tif
An unnamed party is searching for her aunt Malinda Washington who belonged to Mr. Corneal Wiggington. She is also looking for an uncle who lived with Wm. Powell, brother Bob, and Irving, Jerry, and Nancy Huchinson. Bob went to Alabama with Bob…

Turner Petty 4-3-1884.tif
Turner Petty is searching for his half-sisters Martha and Sallie Thriff and half-brother Cornelius who he left near Clinton, LA in 1860 or '61. His sister's father Washington Thriff was a blacksmith. Turner doesn't know who Cornelius' father was. …

Tobe Ellis 12-4-1884.tif
Tobe Ellis is searching for his father Sterling Lee, mother Lucy Ellis, brother Sterling, aunt Bettie Dannah, and grandmother Jesse Dannah. His father lived in Carroll County, TN. His mother belonged to Flecher Ellis who sold them to Ben Denny. He…

Thomas Roberts 2-26-1885.tif
Celia Johnson is searching for her son Thomas Roberts. They used to belong to Mr. Jeremiah Johnson and lived 5 miles from Selma, AL. She last saw her son there 13 years ago.

Thomas McAfee 11-20-1884.tif
Thomas McAfee is searching for his friends Albert and Baker McAfee whom he has not seen since the war. Some of the McAfee people he believes live in western Mississippi and some are in Hinds County.

Thomas Gunter 11-20-1884.tif
Thomas Gunter is searching for his father Alfred Gunter. His mother, Caroline Bachelor, belonged to J. Bachelor and died near Enfield, North Carolina when he was one month old. He also had a brother Edward.

Tenner Barley 6-26-1884.tif
Tenner Barley searching for her husband Ely Hoog, father Carliner Plouden, sisters Mary Plouden, Milly Hoog, Rachael Plouden, Ginia, and Sally, and brothers Hampton Wadus and Wm. Elmerson. Mary married Deary Hoog. She belonged to Mr. Gable Ploudon…
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