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Arthur Holder 10-22-1885.tif
Arthur Holder is searching for his father Sam Lawyer or Lawra, three brothers, and two sisters. He left them near Lynchburn, Sumpter district, South Carolina. His mother, Bettie Cold, is dead but belonged to Jim Colde. His father belonged to James…

Anty Powell 11-20-1884.tif
Anty Powell is searching for his father Abraham Beard, mother, sister Millie Crawford, and brother Charles Martin. They belonged to Mr. Ruffin Beard.
His sister was sold at Woodville, NC. Anty used to go by Martin but now goes by Powell.

Anthony Grifnin 4-24-1884.tif
Anthony Grifnin [Griffin?] searching for his father Anthony Dardy, mother Amy Davenport, sisters Ann and Louisa Dardy, and brothers Saudy, Bob, and Isam Davenport. His father was from Troupe County, GA and his mother was from Clark County, GA. He has…


Amanda Adams 11-25-1885.tif
Amanda Adams is searching for her father, John Williams, and sister Jane. He left them 30 years ago in Pike County, MS. He has heard that his sister was sold to someone named Wells. The last time he heard from them was in Pike County, MS in 1881. …

Alwilder Marr 12-31-1885.tif
Alwilder Marr is searching for his brother Charley and his mother Susan. They lived with Joe McCrandle, who sold his mother and brother to Mr. Louis Davis and brought her to Missouri about 35 years ago. He lived in Monroe, TN and now lives in Rolla,…


Alfred Yancey 7-8-1885.tif
Alfred Yancey is searching for his seven brothers and one sister whom he left in Granville County, NC in 1839. They all belonged to a lawyer name Abraham Venable. His mother's name was Pinkey and his father's name was Joshua. His brothers were…

Alfred Tucker 4-24-1884.tif
Alfred Dowd is searching for his brothers, John and Peyton, and his mother Sallie Tucker. They belonged to Mr. Williams of Ambush (probably Amherst) County, VA, 6 miles east of Lynchburg, VA. The last he saw of them was on a steamboat heading to…


Alfred Dowd 5-15-1884.tif
Alfred Dowd is searching for his brothers, John and Peyton, and his mother Sallie Tucker. They belonged to Wm. Tucker of Amherst County, VA. He has not seen them in 36 or 37 years. His father's name was Peyto[n], and belonged to a Mr. Elliot of…


Abram White 9-24-1885.tif
Abram White is searching for his sister Mary Jackson whom he left in Fayette County, AL. His mother, Lucinda, and three brothers were sold to ship and brought to Texas along with his step father Jack Smith. The brothers' names were Western, Clark,…


A.J. Cooper 8-13-1885.tif
A. J. Cooper is searching for his father Clay Finner and his uncle Jacob Finner. They belonged to Joe Finner in Tippah County near Ripley, MS. The last he heard of them was in Aberdeen, MS. His mother's name was Annie Finner and she was sold away…

A. B. Dickson 7-31-1884.tif
A.B. Dickson is searching for his grandparents Austin and Dilsa Dixon and the three children they were traveling with, Caroline, Vigil, and William. He left them in Rutherford, TN in 1848. They were owned by DC. Dement and, after his death, sold to…

Allison Washington searching for his parents George and Catherine, brothers James and John, sisters Bettie and Mary Ann, and his aunt and uncle, Phoebe and Allison.

Eliza Pemberton searching for her mother, Mollie; sisters Ellen and Winney; and brothers Warner, Lloyd and Burrell.

Lowery McDermit 8-12-1865.tif
Martha McDermit searching for her brother Lowery McDermit who used to belong to Thomas Lyons of Knoxville, East TN. He was sold to a man named Sherman ten years ago. Six years ago he was on a steamboat running between Memphis and New Orleans and…

Dove Family 8-12-1865.tif
Saml. Dove searching for his mother Areno, sisters Maria, Neziah, and Peggy, and his brother Edmond, who were all owned by Geo. Dove of Rockingham County, Shenandoah Valley, VA. They were sold in Richmond, after which Saml. and Edmond were taken to…


Separated for Forty years 8-14-1897.tif
William Davis and his sister Mary were reunited after forty years separation. Both siblings were slaves of the family of James Matlock, a rich planter in Georgia. Just before the war, Matlock died and the two were sold to pay the master's debts,…

Matilda Parker 12-11-1897 HQ.tif
M. Johnson is searching for Matilda Parker. She was the daughter of Peter Parker and was the property of M. Herrington or Harrington of Warrentown Junction, VA and was sold during or not long before the war. She has a sister named Martha, possibly…

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Rhods-Leftwich 9-3-1892 HQ.tif
Mrs. Francis Chilcoat is searching for her sisters Emiline Octavia and Rhoda and her brothers John, Henrey and James Leftwich. They all belonged to Major Tom Leftwich at Liberty, Bedford County, VA before the war when she last saw them. She was…

Jennie Norman 4-25-1891 HQ.tif
Ellen Warmack is searching for her sister Jennie Norman. Her father's name is Wallace and her mother's name is Lucinda. Jennie was at Ples. Norman's sale to Billie Mcgee who sold her to a Frenchman. Jennie was light brown in complexion

William Flenings 6-4-1892.tif
Mrs. Anna De Baller is searching for William and Anderson Flemings. Their father's name was William Flemings and there were two daughters, Lucy and Anna. They were both in New York. They were born in Milledgeville, GA. The father was sold and carried…


Sophie Jerrome 8-6-1892.tif
Henry Simpson is searching for his mother Sophie Jerome. She was sold in 1858 to a trader in Danburg, GA, by the name of Jerome. Her husband's name was Peter. His sisters names are Annie Watkins and Sylvia Bartholomew. His oldest brother is named…


Sandy McGowan 9-3-1892.tif
Mrs. Nellie McGowan is searching for her son Sandy McGowan. He was sold by James McGowan to slave traders in Mt. Sterling, KY.


Fanny Ward searching for her parents, Melvina and Issac Trumbull; brothers Jacob and Charley, and possibly her 7 other siblings; and a unnamed child. Her brother Charley cut off his own arm upon learning he was to be sold.

Edmond Thomas searching for his mother, Aceneth; and siblings Sam, Nancy, and Mary.


Clarissa Reed searching for her mother, Pearline; stepfather, Sam; and siblings Sophronia, Fannie, Morgan, and Anderson. She was sold for cutting off two of her young boss's fingers.
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