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Searching for Woodford Cooper.

Will give a liberal reward to find his mother.

Coleman is searching for her sister, Birdie Thomas. Reward offered.

Abraham and Hannah Williams 12-3-1885.tif
Abraham 'Abe' Williams and his wife Hannah are searching for their son Wesley Williams. They belonged to Colonel Davison who lived in St. Mary's, Sabine Parish, LA. When they last heard from their son, he was on the Atchalfalaya working on a…


NY Herald May 3 1869.jp2
Unnamed, searching for Albert Young/Albert Cotton. From Florida. Was waiter in Long Branch, NJ last year.

Malinda Jane Langford 6-4-1892.tif
Mrs. Ella Pickeaf is searching for her sister Malinda Jane Langford (nee Proudft). Ella last met her in Evansville, IN in December 1886. She was married to a man named Henry Langford.

Evening Star. Washington DC. Lost and Found Ad. Oct 20 1863.jp2
Unnamed, Washington, DC, searching for his son, about age 5, who "strayed away or was taken from his home." During the Civil War.

Chicago Broad Ax. January 14 1911.png
Unnamed, searching for Wm. H. Clark, [Chicago, IL?]. Reward offered.


Broad Ax. Chicago IL. Sep 8 1900.jp2
Sarah Robinson, Charleston, SC, searching for Adam Horn, Chicago, IL. A barber. Reward offered.


Isaac Williams is offering at $200 reward for his grandson, who was left with a one-legged gentleman after Sherman's Army entered Savannah, when the child's mother was taken sick
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