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They "belonged to" Andy Austin, at or near Chillicothe, MO. Frances was sold to a speculator 27 or 28 years ago [ca. 1856 or 1857].

Charlotte Stuart is searching for some of her relatives, including her parents and eleven brothers and sisters.

Scruggs, of Lawrence, KS, was formerly enslaved in Jackson, County, MO, by Nathaniel Scruggs. Her three daughters were sold before the Civil War.

Daniel West (formerly Daniel Cooper) is searching for his father, mother, brothers, and sisters.

Alcinda, daughter of Jacob and Susan Bradford, was sold as a slave in New Orleans, LA, some years before the Civil War. She was afterwards taken to Arkansas.

Eliza Dyson is searching for some of her missing relatives.

Mrs. Eliza Jones searching for her father's brother, Sam Roberson, son of Moses Roberson

Dick "was the slave of Edward Bush, a negro trader, who was our father." Montgomery was sold in or near Nashville, Tennessee, when a child, and taken to Missouri. Her brother was sold to someone in Texas.

Johnson, age 60, reunited with her mother, reported to be 112 years old. Johnson lived in Louisville, KY. Her mother had been sold, by Ben Johnson of Frankfort, KY, and sent to New Orleans 50 years earlier [ca 1835].

George Smith is searching for his relatives.
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