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He left his home in Baltimore, MD, in 1870. During Reconstruction.

Hatcher left child at home of Mrs. S. Mitchell, Richmond, VA. Mitchell replied, saying Hatcher knows his wife got the child in 1902, and that Hatcher promised to pay Mitchell for keeping the child eleven months, which she has not received.

Lampkins is searching for Mrs. Bennie Lampkins/Mrs. Bennie Jacko. Her mother, Mrs. Charlotte Johnson, lived in San Marcos, Texas. Searcher lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Her maiden name was Angie Downaldson. They were married in 1898 in Madison County, Alabama.

Waddy Smith. Public Ledger. Memphis TN. June 15 1867.jp2
H.P. Treat searching for Waddy Smith, who left his family on June 4, 1867 (during Reconstruction). Not heard from since.
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