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Johnson wrote this information wanted letter to the county clerk in Buffalo, NY. Johnson, daughter of Jack and Hannah Hellard, was born in Rowan County, NC. She was sold away from her mother in 1840 and brought to Alabama, and from there to Texas, in…

Hampton was sold away from her mother, in Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War.

Amanda Whitfield 9-3-1885.tif
Amanda Whitfield searching for her mother, Annie Straan, sisters Hannah, Betsy, Matilda, and Martha Maria, and brothers Columbus and Richard. Her mother Annie belonged to Billie Straan who brought them from Butt's County, GA to Alabama, then…

Separated for Forty years 8-14-1897.tif
William Davis and his sister Mary were reunited after forty years separation. Both siblings were slaves of the family of James Matlock, a rich planter in Georgia. Just before the war, Matlock died and the two were sold to pay the master's debts,…

Louisa Ewing seeking information of her mother, Louisa (Lucy).

S. B. Bland seeking information of his wife's family.

Patsey Walker searching for her two daughters Julian and Jane.

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Mealia Williams searching for her parents Elizabeth and David Foster, and her siblings Nancy, Sally, Lee, David, and Lezanna

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Francis Sanders searching for his parents Eliza and Harry Cole, three younger unnamed siblings (two brothers and one sister, and his sisters Sealy, Hannah Caroline and Elizabeth. He is also looking for his children Henry, David, and Caroline Wade.

Diana Johnson seeking information on her parents and siblings.

Yanka seeking information on her mother and brother named Caroline and Joe who were slaves of Tom Harvey until Yanka was sold to pay off a debt.

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