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young apr 10 79.jpg
Thomas Young is looking for the family of his mother Mary Duken who ran away form her master

king mar 27 79.jpg
Harry King is looking for his mother Kitty Slate and sister Betty Slate

braxton apr 10 79.jpg
Robert Braxton is looking for his mother Evie Braxton

winn june 30 94.jpg
Elmyra Winn, formerly Haskins, is looking for her father Walker Haskins

wilson july 28 94.jpg
Emma Wilson is looking for her sister Mary Louisa Randolph nee Ferguson

shelton dec 8 94.jpg
Elder Nat Shelton is looking for his daughter Rosa Shelton

riddick dec 22 94.jpg
Nannie Riddick is looking for her brother Bolding Riddick

jeanette johnson dec 15 94.jpg
Jeanette Johnson is looking for her uncle Alexander Wendon and cousin Louisa Wendon

edmonds apr 21 94.jpg
Thomas Lee Edmonds is looking for his brother Albert Edmonds

crow june 23 94.jpg
Richard Crow, alias John Rice, is looking for his siblings: Mary Crow, Harlet Crow, Lizzie Crow, Dave Crow, James Crow. He gives more information about them than in his previous ad (June 9, 1894).
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