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Rachel Farrow searching for her mother Harlan, son Aaron; brothers Giles, John, Willis, Gilbert; and sisters Lethe, Chaney, Harriet, Keziah and Quntrunie.

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A.B. Coleman searching for Anderson Turner; Edith Turner; Deliah; Lucy Turner; Lucy Turner; Edith Turner; Violet and her sons Timothy, Russell and Henry, Edith Coleman, and Elizabeth Alexander.

Henry Harbert searching for his mother Amy, sisters Lucy and Caroline, and brother Peter.

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In the first ad, Bennett H. Forrest searching for his former guardians, Sally and George Hunter. In the second he is searching for his mother's relatives: brothers Rolling, Bob, Elisha, Wesley, Smith Bennet, son Henry Clay Brown and her parents…

G.W. White searching for his mother-in-law Mary Hubanks, father-in-law John, and sister-in-law Patsy.

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Louise Caw, Knoxville, TN, searching for her son, Mansfield Crutchfield

Smith Blackwell searching for his brother-in-laws Harry and Robert, sisters-in-law S-cia and Louisa, and parents-in-law Molly and Peter Roe.

Martha (Bolden) Rainer searching for her sister Clara, brother-in-law Ned Hutchins, and brothers James, William, Ampy, and Peter.

Hamilton Furlong searching for his mother Ersely Furlong and brother Singleton Furlong.

Easter Jones searching for her mother-in-law Kitty Russ, brother-in-law Christopher Russ, and another brother-in-law Edmond Gooden Russ.
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