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New Bern NC Weekly Journal. Jan 3 1889.jpg
Malinda Davis searching for her father, who "formerly belonged to" Mrs. Jane White of Onslow County, NC

Tri-Weekly Standard. Raleigh NC. May 31 1866.jp2
Peter and Peggy Vinson searching for daughter, Emma, commonly called "Poss," age about 14. Formerly belonged to Mr. Chas. Henderson.

Charles Westley Blaylock searching for his brother James Milton Rufus, and sister Emma Caroline.

Nathan Christman searching for his mother, Aggie Harris; father Billy Broadneck; brothers Issac and David, sister Renie; and other siblings including Aban(?), Billy and Aggie.

Bennet Forest is searching for his parents' relatives. In a previous ad, he searched for his mother's relatives, but now he is also searching for his deceased father's relatives.

On his mother's side of the family, he is looking for her parents,…

Alexandria Gazette Sep 24 1880.jp2
Charles Pearson, Newton, NC, sentenced to be hanged for murder, wishes to communicate with his mother or uncle, Armstead Pearson, Alexandria, VA

Henry Clay searching for his mother, Mathilda Gill. A second version of the ad ran on August 2, 1883.

Calvin Addington searching for his son, Elias; mother of his child, Lucy Addington; and siblings George, Charles, Allen, Harriet, and Hannah.

Jeremiah Yates searching for his children: John, Diana, and Jerry.

NY Herald Nov 28 1870.jp2
Jeannette Holden searching for her brother, who traveled from New Bern, NC to New York in September 1870 by steamer
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