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York Johnson. Richmond Planet Apr 13 1907.jp2
Wm. H. Howard, attorney, searching for York Johnson. He has an interest in a small lot of land owned by his brother, Moses Johnson, Anne Arundel County, MD.

Graves. The Baltimore Sun. Aug 1 1864.jpg
Parents of William C. Graves, age about 13, searching for him. Missing since July 26, 1864. During the Civil War.

Sarah Ann Lewis searching for her father August Brown; her mother; sister Louisa Brown; brothers Joseph and George Brown; and half-sisters Mary, Eliza and Harriet Brown.

NY Age Jun 7 1890.png
Samuel Togood, Anne Arundel County, MD, searching for mother, Priscilla Togood, and any of her relatives

Jan 11, 1902.TIF
Rosa Belle Lewis seeking information of her sister, Mary Ellen Lewis.

Robert Henderson (Nat Calbert) searching for his parents, Race and Millia Calbert; sister ---rietta Calbert; and brother, Charles Calbert.

Anderson and Pryor were separated before the Civil War. They found each other and remarried in Hagerstown, Maryland, in 1905.

Rebecca Harden searching for her mother, Betsey Hutchens, and brothers, Philip and Nelson Hutchens.
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