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Richmond Planet. Feb 8 1902.jp2
Mrs. R.W. Williams, Richmond, VA, saw Charlie Oliver's recent ad. She knows his family in King William County, VA.

Richmond Planet. Jan 18 1902.jp2
Charlie Oliver (born Dandridge Vius) searching for his grandfather. Charlie was sold in 1859. His grandfather was free all his life and a barber in Richmond, VA since 1855.

Margaret (Roy) Williams searching for her parents Seymour and Eulaid Roy; brothers Seymour, Morris, Thomas J., and George W. Roy; and sisters Rose, Rosaline, Melvina, Eliza, and Pocahontas Roy.

Sophy Bailey.jp2
Sophy Bailey, Savannah, GA, searching for her father, Jeff Taylor, brothers, and sisters, King William County, VA

braxton apr 10 79.jpg
Robert Braxton is looking for his mother Evie Braxton
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