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  • Collection: The Christian Recorder, 1895 (Philadelphia, PA)

Frank Quinn searching for his brother Scott Henderson.

Eliza Branson seeking information of her brother William Marshall.

Emma Ashe Pitts searching for her children, Mary Francis and Julius Ashe.

E.D. Hicks searching for his mother Harriett Hicks , sisters Rhoda and Mariah, and his brothers Alonzo and Solomon.

Thomas Scott.jpg
Thomas Scott is looking for mother, Maria Taylor

Caroline Ramsey.jpg
Caroline Ramsey is looking for her son Wesley Ramsey

Lazarus Holland.jpg
Lazarus Holland following the Union Army

Emily Dennis.jpg
Emily Dennis is looking for her son Martin

W. H. Smith.jpg
Smith is looking for his son Frank Smith who has one small eye

Chas. W. Satchell.jpg
Satchell is looking for his brother but does not give his name
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