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  • Collection: The Christian Recorder, 1895 (Philadelphia, PA)

Frank Quinn searching for his brother Scott Henderson.

Emma Ashe Pitts searching for her children, Mary Francis and Julius Ashe.

E.D. Hicks searching for his mother Harriett Hicks , sisters Rhoda and Mariah, and his brothers Alonzo and Solomon.

RP26 J.jpg
Mrs. Haywood seeking information of her son, William Morton.

RP24 J.jpg
Lucy Mead seeking information of her family and Thomas Gatewood.

RP23 J.jpg
Oliver Ingram seeking information of his brother, Washington Ingram.

RP22 J.jpg
Randolph Miller seeking information of his brother, Aaron Gordon.

RP21 J.jpg
Julia Ann Page seeking information of her family, from whom she was sold away from when she was nine years old.

RP19 J.jpg
Martha A. Giles seeking information of her father, George Whets; her uncle, John Whets; and her grandmothers, Nancy Whets.

RP18 J.jpg
James Harris' relatives seeking information of him after he was imprisoned and sentenced to death.
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