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J. M. Scott
Looking for Henry Scott and Ed Jarman.

Looking for sister Nancy 2.28.1884.jpg
Is looking for his sister, Nancy.


Looking for Friends2.28.1884.jpg
She is looking for friends and family of Jackson Jennings.

Rosa Wilcox -Brothers 2.28.1884.jpg
She is looking for her brothers.

BALT. AF AM november.jpg
Mary Myers is looking for your husband, Wade Thornton Myers

Balt. AF AMERICAN OCT 13 1906.jpg
Arthur Lockerman is looking for his sister, Eliza Larkman

Thomas Russel.jpg
Louisa West seeking son, Thomas Russel

Thomas Vaughan.jpg
Thomas Vaughan searching for parents, Isaac Fisher and Fanny Bowles

Wm McGee.jpg
Jane McGee seeking her children, Wm Pascal McGee, Isabella McGee and Easter Fanny McGee

Hannah James.jpg
Horace Johnson looking for his mother, Hannah James
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