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Mary Bailey.jpg
Mary Bailey is searching for her children, Nancy, Ben, Polly, Tempa & Isham Bailey

Jemmy Calloway.jpg
James Calloway searching for his son, Jemmy Calloway

Easter Bowers.jpg
Sicily is searching for her mother, Easter Bowers

Edmund Farmer.jpg
Edmund Farmer searching for his children

Louis Waddy.jpg
Louis Waddy searching for his wife, Hannah

Boulden family.jpg
Rev. Albert Boulden and his wife are searching for their children

John Perry.jpg
Katy Perry searching for her son, John Perry

Washington Waller.jpg
Washington Waller searching for his father, Washington Waller Sr.

J. M. Scott
Looking for Henry Scott and Ed Jarman.

Looking for sister Nancy 2.28.1884.jpg
Is looking for his sister, Nancy.


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