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Edmund Farmer, Gallipolis, OH, searching for his children, last heard from near Alexandria, LA

James George Webb, Gallipolis, OH, formerly of Bluestone, Tazewell County, VA, searching for his wife, Peggy Webb, and three children

Nancy Moore.jpg
Nancy Moore searching for her children, Margaret and London Moore

Charlotte Johnson.jpg
Charlotte Johnson is searching for Texana Johnson

Daily Public Ledger. Maysville KY 23 Feb 1912.jp2
T.M. Hubbell, Springfield, MO, searching for Alexander Desembly and Frank McFarland, Civil War veterans from Mason County, KY

Wm Lewis.jp2
William Lewis, Nashville, TN, wrote to the sheriff of Abbeville County, SC in search of his family

Jane Walker.jp2
Jane Walker, Noxubee County, MS, wrote to this Newberry, SC, newspaper in search of her relatives.

Billy Brown.jp2
Unnamed, Washington, DC, searching for Billy Brown, former servant in the Hall family

Nelson Hart.jp2
Nelson Hart, Chicago, IL, searching for his sister, Harriett Shipman. She went up Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO, with a number of other "contrabands." Supposed to be in Minnesota.
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