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  • Collection: The Colored Tennessean, 1865-66 (Nashville, TN)

Wilson Merrill 3-24-1866.tif
Judy Merrill is searching for her son Wilson Merrill who was formerly a servant to General Van Dorn. When he was last heard from, he was in Cincinnati, OH living with a Lieut. Waid Long, 5th Ohio Cavalry.

William Howard 3-24-1866.tif
Susan Howard is searching for her son William Howard who formerly lived in Kingston, GA. When he was last heard from he was in Chattanooga but was headed for Nashville. He was 19 years of age with a yellow complexion.

Sylvia Williams 3-24-1866.tif
Samuel Williams is searching for his mother Sylvia Williams who formerly belonged to James Maxwell Esq. of Atlanta, GA. She was owned first by Dr. Degarr. Samuel also belonged to Maxwell and has not seen his mother in 9 years.

Sydney and Harrison Elliott 3-24-1866.tif
Sydney Elliot and Eliza Cannon are searching for their sons Sidney and Harrison. Both were owned by Clem. Cannon who formerly lived in Shelbyville, Bedford County, TN. They were sold to Goodbar, a trader, and when last heard from were in Montgomery,…

Sarah Moore 3-24-1866.tif
Eliza Moore is searching for her daughter Sarah Moore and son Wm. Moony. Sarah was owned by Seymour Taylor who lived 5 miles outside of Clinton, LA. Wm. was owned by Joseph Rowley who lived in the same area.

Lucinda Norris 3-24-1866.tif
Lucinda Norris searching for her mother Maria Ragsdale who came to Nashville, TN sometime after the civil war broke out.

Lowery McDermit 8-12-1865.tif
TRANSCRIPTION NEEDED. Martha McDermit searching for her brother Lowery McDermit who used to belong to Thomas Lyons of Knoxville, East TN. He was sold to a man named Sherman ten years ago. Six years ago he was on a steamboat running between Memphis…

Kissy Done 8-12-1865.tif
Levy Done is searching for his mother Kissy Done who once lived in Corinth, MS in 1862, but left in the fall of the same year for Memphis, TN. He also has a brother named Joseph Done and an uncle living somewhere in that area.

Judy Ellis 3-24-1866.tif
Alvy Ellis searching for her mother Judy who was free and lived with Mr. Spears on Sulphur Creek about 9 years ago. He would like to hear from his relations who are living and know which are dead. He was last owned by Christopher Ellis.

Josephine Cella Caroline Ellen Augusta Bryant 3-24-1866.tif
Augustus and Lutitia Bryant are searching for their five children, Josephine, Cella, Caroline, Ellen, and Augustus. They were in Charlotte, NC or in Rock Hill when they last heard of them. They were formerly owned by John L. and Virginia Moon of…
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