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She was enslaved on a plantation near Asheville, North Carolina. Her husband was sold away from her more than 50 years earlier [ca. 1840]. In 1890 she found him living in Newport, Kentucky. (Their names are not given in the article. Additional…

Scruggs, of Lawrence, KS, was formerly enslaved in Jackson, County, MO, by Nathaniel Scruggs. Her three daughters were sold before the Civil War.

Lathan left home in Kansas in 1885, looking for work, and not seen since.

Green came to Kansas City "during the slavery days" and "belonged to the Holiday family in Virginia."

They belonged to James Duncan, near Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky, and were separated 46 years ago [ca 1846].

Dick "was the slave of Edward Bush, a negro trader, who was our father." Montgomery was sold in or near Nashville, Tennessee, when a child, and taken to Missouri. Her brother was sold to someone in Texas.

They were in Carbondale, Illinois, when last heard of.

Nat Miller/Nate Miller/Nathan Miller, of Lawrence, Kansas, lost his sister "during slavery times." He found her in 1904.

Unnamed, searching for Wm. P. Grant. Last heard from in North Topeka, Kansas.

Jones and Vaughn, of Kansas City, Kansas, were separated after emancipation. Reunited and married in 1899.

Benjamin, of Choctaw and Chickasaw Nation, enlisted in the 1st Colored regiment [1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry Regiment] during the Civil War. Last heard from in Kansas City, Missouri, charged with desertion.

She lives in Jacksonville, Illinois. Her son, James Blue, lived in Jackson County, Kansas, when last heard from [in ca 1864, during the Civil War].

Driver searching for his son, Jeff Prior, and his sister, Rosana Driver. They lived in Pike County, Georgia. Riley Driver lived in North Topeka, Kansas.

Her son served in Company B, 5th Massachusetts Colored Cavalry, Civil War. He settled in Kansas in 1866. Riker needs information to prove her claim for a dependent mother's Civil War pension.

Smith, insurance and real estate agent, searching for Finley, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation

They are "mulatto" and from the Creek Nation. They escaped, presumably to the North, from Maysville about ten days after the Civil War battle there.

Last heard of her in 1878, when she lived in Columbia, South Carolina, on Wheelers Hill.

Last seen in Waco, TX, in 1866, by his sister-in-law, Phyliss Pettigrew

Brownlee searching for her aunt, Mrs. Florence Tally, and her grandmother, Mrs. Jane Goodloe

Ross and Jenkins searching for their sister, Mrs. Augusta Ridley (nee Wells)

Gideon, owner and originator of Gideon's Refined Negro Minstrels, is searching for his father, who enlisted in the First Kansas Colored Infantry during the Civil War
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