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  • Collection: The National Republican (Washington, DC)

National Republican. Washington DC Oct 26 1887.jp2
Ellen Dixon searching for her son. He went to New York with a Union regiment. Includes transcription of memorandum written by former master, John T. Bloxham, during the Civil War, when John Dixon left.

National Republican. Washington DC. May 20 1875.jp2
Emmanuel and Caroline Jacobs searching for their son. He was "a slave of Daniel R. McNeal," Hardy County, VA. "Sold to Southern traders" before the Civil War.

She "formerly lived with" Dr. P.H. Cabell [Patrick Henry Cabell] in Selma, AL. [Race is not indicated, but he likely meant that she lived with him as an enslaved person. Further research needed to confirm].

National Republican. Washington DC. Dec 2 1885.jp2
Jerusha Williams, Washington, DC, searching for her parents, Pompey Williams and Susan Williams. Last seen with Mr. William Alberty

National Republican. Washington DC Sep 12 1862.jp2
John Taylor searching for his wife, Rachel Taylor. Supposed to be employed in Washington, DC, as a servant. During the Civil War.
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