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  • Collection: The Evening Star (Washington, DC)

Evening Star. Washington DC. Lost and Found Ad. Oct 20 1863.jp2
Unnamed, Washington, DC, searching for his son, about age 5, who "strayed away or was taken from his home." During the Civil War.

Evening Star. Washington DC Oct 14 1864.jp2
Dr. Bonner, from City Point, VA, searching for his wife, Lucretia T.A. Bonner, who left Mason's Island (now Theodore Roosevelt Island, DC) in 1864, during the Civil War.

The Evening Star. Washington DC. May 15 1865.jp2
Unnamed, searching for her husband, Henry Johnson. Believes he is in Richmond, VA. Asks him to advertise his location in The Evening Star.

Evening Star. Washington DC May 16 1865.png
Unnamed, searching for her daughter, Lucy Gleed, from Oakland, VA, near Leesburg, VA

Evening Star. Washington DC. May 13 1865.jp2
Joseph Hamilton searching for his wife, Eliza Hamilton. Leave information with George E.H. Day, Washington DC.

Evening Star. Washington DC Nov 3 1863.jp2
Unnamed, Washington, DC, searching for her son, Stephen Jones


Unnamed, Washington, DC, searching for their daughters, Frances Taylor and Margaret Abel [aka Margaret Abell]. [Kesiah Abell's name is inferred from other ads she placed in search of her daughters]. Ad placed in March 1865, during the Civil War.

Evening Star. July 23 1863.jp2
Kesiah Abell, Washington, DC, searching for her daughter, Margaret Abell, formerly of the estate of Jacob Melvin, Virginia. Ad placed in July 1863, during the Civil War.


Evening Star. Washington DC. Apr 17 1865.jp2
Caroline Hall, Charles County, MD, searching for her daughter, Josephine Hall. Leave information with Mrs. Geo. Phillipson, Washington, DC.


Evening Star. Washington DC. January 5 1882.jp2
Mrs. Virginia Waugh, Washington, DC, searching for Washington Magruder, age 87

Evening Star. Washington DC Sep 4 1899.jp2
William Woods wrote a letter to the DC Chief of Police in search of his mother, Mrs. Flora Woods. Woods served in the navy from 1872 to 1878.

Last seen in Fredericksburg. They left there with intention of meeting him in Washington, DC. During the Civil War.

Dilashaw is searching for her son, Donob Dixon. He is supposed to be in Washington, DC.

Searching for John Smith and his daughters, Ora Smith and Sarah Smith. They lived on Tom Blanton's place, near Fredericksburg, VA.

Brown wrote to the Clerk of Court, Washington, DC, for information. He was sold away from Washington, DC, 40 years earlier [ca 1846].

Able, in Washington, DC, is searching for her daughter, who was in Richmond, Virginia, when last heard from. Ad placed in May 1867, during Reconstruction.

Margaret, age 13, ran away from her mother. Ad placed in Washington, DC, in June 1865, two months after the Civil War.

John, age six, left home in Georgetown, DC, and had not been seen for eight days. In 1873, during Reconstruction.

They are supposed to be in Washington, DC. Ad placed in 1873, during Reconstruction.

Woodford lives in Washington, DC. His nephew is supposed to be in the same city. Ad placed in 1873, during Reconstruction.

Searcher is in Washington, DC. She has not heard from her husband since before "the rebellion" [the Civil War], when he left her on a visit from Macon, Mississippi. Ad placed in 1866, during Reconstruction.

Carolina and her son "belonged to" Lucinda Cutler, Dinwiddie County, VA. Aron is seven years old and came away with Louisa Booz from City Point, VA, last year [ca. 1865]. Ad placed in 1866, during Reconstruction.

Millie left Jackson Morten's farm in Orange County, VA, where her parents lived, "when quite a small child." Ad placed in 1871, during Reconstruction. [Race is not indicated, but the veiled language suggests this ad is likely about an enslaved family…

They were bound to Robert Earl, proprietor of a livery stable in Washington, DC, as minors. Ad placed in 1876, during Reconstruction.

Johnson, age 12, last seen in Washington, DC. Ad placed in May 1865, three weeks after the Civil War ended.
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