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  • Collection: The Christian Recorder, 1865 (Philadelphia, PA)

Johnson 1.TIF
Catherine Johnson searching for her husband John Johnson, a solider in the United States Colored Troops.

Fanny Frazer searching for her children Maria, Hannah, Nelson, Charlotte, Norah and Amie Bailey.

H.P. Riley searching for his brothers Charles, Irvin and Bob and his brother-in-law Peter Pryor

John Sweepson searching for his sisters Julia and Nellie Foster.

Brown 1.TIF
Jacob Brown searching for his sister Arena/Arenir, his uncles Richard and Joseph Cassam and his nephews, Moses , Issac, and Peter.

Geo. Henry Denna searching for his parents, Caroline and Jesse Denna, and his siblings Fanny, Jane, Betsy, Robert R., Hugh Henry and Philander Denna.

Letitia Weathonton searching for her daughters Sarah Elizabeth Weathonton, Jane Eithenton and Delpha Ann Weathonton.

Caroline Willis searching for her sons, Charles Henry Willis and Josephus Willis.

Rev. Cyrus Boey searching for his siblings Mary Ann Russell, Cordelia, Wesley, Nelson, Harriet, Matilda, Elizabeth and Henrietta Smothers.

John Copeland searching for his siblings Maria Pryor, Nancy Copeland, Mary Ann Damson, Hannah Damson, Sarah Damson, Harriet Damson, Martha A.L.P Damson, Joseph and Christopher Damson.


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