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  • Collection: The Anglo-African (New York, NY), 1865

Anglo-African_published_as_The_Anglo-African.___December_9_1865 (1) Ellen Fitzhugh.jpg
Addison Phillips is looking for Ellen Fitzhugh, his sister-in-law, and two other unnamed sisters-in-law.

Anglo-African_published_as_The_Anglo-African.___December_23_1865 (5) Elisa Merryday.jpg
Phillip Merryday is looking for Elisha Merryday and Major Merryday.

Anglo-African_published_as_The_Anglo-African.___December_23_1865 (1) Glover Marshall.jpg
Cynthia Marshall is looking for information about her children, Glover, Calvin, Luther, Daniel, Orange, Stephen and Lathio Marshall.

Anglo-African_published_as_The_Anglo-African.___August_12_1865 (1) William Briggs.jpg
Augustus Mosby is looking for his uncle, William Briggs.

Anglo-African_published_as_The_Anglo-African.___December_9_1865 (2) Charles Henry Willis.jpg
Caroline and Cue Willis are looking for their son and daughter, who were formally with a Captain Tabb in Virginia.

Anglo-African_published_as_The_Anglo-African.___August_12_1865 (4) Charles Onley.jpg
John E. Onley is searching for his two brothers, Charles and Henry.

Anglo-African_published_as_The_Anglo-African.___August_12_1865 (8) Wesley Brooks.jpg
The surviving siblings of Wesley Brooks are searching for him. He was sold to Natchez or thereabouts in approximately 1835.

Anglo-African_published_as_The_Anglo-African.___August_12_1865 (6) John Summers.jpg
In 1865, Susan Summers was looking for her husband, John Summers, who she believed was located in South or North Carolina.

Anglo-African_published_as_The_Anglo-African.___December_23_1865 (2) Richard Tolliver.jpg
Matilda Wetherall is searching for Robert Tolliver and Alice Tolliver of Mount Jackson, Shenandoah County, Virginia. Wetherall appears to have been the mother of one of these individuals.

Anglo-African_published_as_The_Anglo-African.___December_23_1865 (3) James Isom.jpg
Burton Isom is searching for his brothers, James and Ormand Isom, and his sister, Emily Murray. They were last seen around St. Louis, Missouri.
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