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  • Collection: The Richmond Planet, 1906 (Richmond, VA)

Annie Henry is searching for family members she left behind in 1871, Emma Wilson, Miles Wilson, Enoch Wilson, and Edward Wilson.

C.H. Treadwell is searching for the mother of a girl who has died. Treadwell is a concerned citizen who wishes that the mother collects her daughter's life insurance before she is buried.

Nannie Depew is searching for her son, Johnny Brown, who sometimes lives in Richmond.

Lena Williams is searching for her mother and father, Minerva and Henry Williams.

Norman Jones, age 10, left home and his parents are searching for him.

A concerned aunt, Ella Briggs, is searching for Willie Freeman, her nephew who went missing in July.

Sarah Douglass is searching for her three sisters Julia, Maria, and Minerva Organ who have lived in Winchester and Richmond.

Corah Payne Reed is searching for her uncle, Henry Payne, and two sisters Alice and Henrietta

Fannie Kennedy is searching for her missing family members, including her mother, grandfather, and uncles who were sold by Shackelford to an unknown master. She is also searching for her two sisters Millie and Nellie.

A.A. Martin is searching for Noelle Warner, a little girl about eight years old. He is searching on behalf of her mother, Mattie Lee Warner.
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