The Liberator (Boston, MA)


The Liberator (Boston, MA)


1832, 1836, 1849, 1853

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Harriet Relf searching for her husband, Quindy Relf
Quindy Relf escaped from slavery. His wife and their five children were later manumitted in Virginia and went to Ohio. They are searching for him. An antebellum ad.

William Volantine/William Robinson searching for his brother, Joshua Volantine/Daniel Cromwell
William Volantine (now named William Robinson) was once a slave in Baltimore, now living in New Bedford, MA. He is searching for his brother, Joshua, who was also a slave in Baltimore and went to Philadelphia three years earlier [ca 1846]. An…

Lettice Lamb and Peggy Williams searching for Peggy's brothers
Lettice Lamb and her daughter, Peggy, of Norwich, Connecticut, searching for Lettice's sons. They were last heard from in 1821, in or near Portland, Maine. An antebellum ad.

Benjamin Rullen searching for John Moore
Information wanted of Moore, a "colored man" of Swedesboro, New Jersey, by his friends. He was sick in Boston when last heard from. An antebellum ad.

John Dipper searching for his brother, Daniel Merr
Merr left Williamsburg, Virginia, about 40 years earlier [ca 1792]. Last heard of in Boston, Massachusetts. Dipper is searching for him or Cesar Lafayette, who knew his brother Daniel Merr well. An antebellum ad.

Howard McDermott searching for his sisters, Ellen Cooke and Eliza Cooke
Ellen and Eliza Cooke left Athens, TN, with General Sherman's army in 1863 [during the Civil War].

Tula Butler searching for her daughter, Hannah Butler
Hannah was sold from the auction house of N.B. Hill, of Richmond, VA, one year ago [in 1864, during the Civil War].

John M. Anderson searching for his father and two sisters
Anderson had been enslaved in Lee County, MS, by Mason Anderson. His father, Richard Anderson, and sisters, Polly and Rachael, were sold.

Jannie Bell is looking for her brother
Jannie Bell is looking for her brother, Lee Littlejohn, who was last seen in Cleburne, TX

Paralee Hammonds is  looking for her son
Paralee Hammond is searching for her son, Turner Hammond, who was last seen in Itaska, TX

Mahalia Johnson is searching for her mother
Mahalia Johnson is searching for her mother, Betsey Ann Taylor

Rachael Sharp is looking for her siblings
Rachael Sharp is looking for her sister Melvina and her brothers, Sam and John, who were last seen in Chicot, VA, where they were enslaved by Susie Sharp

Bennie A. Smith is looking for his in-laws
Bennie A. Smith, who married Hattie Smith (nee Whitfield) is searching for Charlie, Granderson, and Isaac Whitfield, his in-laws.

John Williams searching for his wife, Julia Williams, and her son
Julia and her son, John, came from Georgetown, Pettis County, Missouri. Julia's husband is in Topeka, Kansas.

F.K. Steele searching for Adeline and Mary Wheeler
Adeline and Mary Wheeler were sent to Virginia during the first year of the Civil War.

Joshua Oglesby searching for his son, James Oglesby
James, a "free colored boy," left his father's house in Louisville, KY, in 1862. He is supposed to have followed one of the divisions of the army.

Gibson McMurtry searching for Len Perrian
Perrian, a brick mason, is the father of Lydia Cook, who "belongs to" James McCurtry, of Bryantsville, KY. He formerly lived in Shelbyville, KY.

Robert Balem searching for his wife, Jane C. Balem
She was "formerly owned by Tamond Hooper," of Cobb County, GA.

Wm. Garnet is searching for his wife and children
Garnet is searching for his wife, Jane, and his children, Willis, Abraham, and Jeney, formerly "owned by" Daniel Garnett, of Manchester, KY. He has been separated from his wife and children for 14 years [since ca. 1851].

Leroy Humbler searching for his son, Lee Andrew Humbler
Humbler's sons were carried off by the Rebels in some of their raids in southern Kentucky.

Susan Howard searching for her son, Billy Howard
Billy Howard, age about 19, left Kingston, Georgia, in the spring of 1864.

Armistead Buckley is searching for his wife, Melinda Elzea
Armistead Buckley who resided in Victoria, Vancouver was searching for his wife, Melinda Elzea, who was last seen in Columbia, Missouri.

Frank Waters is searching for his son, John Waters
Frank Waters, of Baltimore, Maryland, was searching for his son, John Waters, who was in the 4th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops.
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