Drennon Logan seeking information about his brothers William West and George Logan

brothers, William West who belonged to
Kenada, and George Logan, who belonged
to Henry Weathers, with my mother, whom
they called Moneca; sisters Angeline and
Louisa and myself. My father's name was
Moses Logan; he belonged to Henegar Ar-
baugh. He was shot by rebels during the
war and our mother died soon after he did.
This occurred in Johnson county, Ark.,
where we lived. After their deaths we
went to Fort Smith, Ark. George went
from there to Little Rock, Ark., with an-
other sister named Harriet, where she died
and I have not heard of him since, The
last I heard of William he was at Spring-
field, Mo. Any information will be gladly
received by their anxious brother Dren-
non Logan, Coleborough, Ark.

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