Sandy and Susan Anderson searching for relatives

Do You Know Them.
I would like to find my relative. I was
born near Louisa Court House, Virginia
and was sold in Richmond, Va., to a ne-
gro [negro] trader by the name of Smith. It
has been thirty-six years ago I think. I
belonged to the Burruss family in Virginia.
My old mistress was Mrs. Lucy Bur-
russ [Burruss], who had a son by the name of Dr.
John L. Burruss. The Doctor's sisters
were Caroline and Mart Eliza. The
widow Burruss moved from near Luisa
Court-house to Hanover Co., and took
my brother Jim and my sister Louisa,
and myself (Susan). By marriage my
name is Susan Anderson. My mother
was named Rachel, and my father Mar-
tin [Martin]; both belonged to the Burruss. I
think I had three brothers, Jim, Carter
and Dave. Two uncles, Charles and Hen-
ry [Henry]. He was a shoemaker by trade and
lived in the town of Louisa, Va. My sis-
ter [sister] Louisa had two daughters, their
names were Isabelle and Charlotte.
They lived in Hanover County with
me and the widow Burruss. Some of my
cousins are Joe, Mark, Hunter, Marga
rett [Margarett] and Millie. I knew people when I
lived near Louisa, Va.; Dr. McGee Liaby;
and Dr. Goodman. If any one can give
any information of these persons, please
address at once
Mineola, Wood Co., Texas.

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