Robert Nowland looking for his family

Do You Know Them?
DANVILLE, Va, June 13, '93.
I am inquiring for my people who
went out to Texas a good many
years. Prairie Plains, Grimes Co.,
Texas, and I cannot hear from them.
My father's name is Harrison Now-
lan [Nowlan]. my mother's name is Elvira
Nowland. I have also three broth-
ers [brothers], Coleman, Winfree, and Gran-
ville [Granville], and also one sister, Mary Ann.
The last I saw of them was before
the war on Pig River, Franklin Co.,
Va., and they left there for Texas,
with Thomas Toliver.
Any one who can give me any in-
formation [information] of my people will please
do so, and oblige
Address, 333 Craghead St., Danv-
ille [Danville], Va.

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