Eliza Buchanan (formerly Eliza Lawrence) searching for her mother Hannah Baxter, father John Stevens Lawrence, and siblings

Mr. Editor : Allow me to inquire for my mother and father. My mother's name was Hannah Baxter, and my father's name is John Stevens Lawrence. Mother lived in Madison county, Ky. The last I heard of father he lived in Kentucky, near Silver Creek. His owner was Ned Baxter. My half sisters names were, Ollie Baxter, Fannie Baxter and Charlotte Baxter. My half brothers name was John Baxter. The oldest brother on father's side was George Lawrence. My mother adopted me to a man in Clark county, Ky., named Marion Cummings. The last I heard of sister Ollie she was in Omaha, Nebraska. She lived with old Mrs Davis, the mother of Marion Cummings. The last time I heard of mother she was on her

way to Kansas. I was ele[undecipherable] years of age when I saw her l[undecipherable] My father's brothers were Geo[undecipherable] Lawrence, Dillard Lawrence, [undecipherable] Samuel Lawrence ; and one sis[undecipherable] named Ellen Lawrence. Whe[undecipherable] left Parish county, Ky., my n[undecipherable] was Eliza Lawrence. My n[undecipherable] now is Eliza Buchanan. Any [undecipherable [in]formation of their whereab[undecipherable] will be thankfully received by, [undecipherable] Yours respectfully, ELIZA BUCHANAN Alma, Kansas.

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