Mildred Slaughter searching for her brother Robert Brodnay

Mr. Editor: I want to find [undecipherable] brother. His name is Robert [undecipherable]ay. Our mother's name Poley Brodnay; our father's [undecipherable] was Hampton Brodnay. We [undecipherable]iving together and my br[undecipherable] was sold to a man and carried [undecipherable] Brackenredge, Ky., on Sin[undecipherable] Creek. We had four brothers [undecipherable]en sisters, the eldest bro[undecipherable] or whom I ask, and the oldest [undecipherable]er was Clarcy. For informa[undecipherable] write me, MILDRED SLAUGHTE[undecipherable] Cannalton, Ind.

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