Marcelious S. Collins searching for their family

MR. EDITOR—Please allow me to inquire for my people. I left them in West Virginia about 1858-9. They belonged to a man by the name of Wash Fairfax, in Preston County, near Kingwood. My eldest sister was named Charlotte. My brother was named James Bolton, he was about four years of age when we left there. Our father's name was Alfert; our mother's name was Sophia; mother had twins; both girls. Our father undertook to go to the free State (Pennsylvania) and was overtaken and brought back and then was sold. I am the eldest child; I was nicknamed Sailia. My name is Marcelious. My mother had a brother by the name of Watt. He belonged to the same man that we did. I had two cousins by the name of Taylor and John; they belonged to the same man. Wash Fairfax used to be sheriff of Monongahela Co , Virginia. He lived in Morgan Town at the time. Any information from any one will be gladly received. Address me M. S. COLLINS. Sturges, Oktebbeha Co., Miss.

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