MR. EDITOR: I desire to find my father, mother, brothers, and sisters. My father was named Jacob Ranayls. He belonged to George Ranayls. My mother name was Harriet. She belonged to the same family. My oldest brother's name was Fred, and the youngest George. My oldest sister's name was Sarah; the next Candice, and the youngest Charity. I left them six miles from Holly Springs, Miss., living with Widow Ranayls. I was brought out to Texas by Mayg Stratton before the war. He located in Brazoria county, and was a large sugar planter. His wife's name was Mary Jane Stratton. My name is Annie. My father was a Methodist—he preached in Holly Springs, Miss. I am now living in Matagorda county, Texas. My name is Annie Bolding. Address, Caney Point, Matagorda county, Texas, in care of Rev. B. W. McQuerter.

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