Reverend Bedford Carr seeking his aunt

MR. EDITOR--I want to hear from my aunt. She left us in 1865 and went to New Orleans When she left we were living with A man by the name of Sam Warden, a bricklayer. Aunt had three brothers and three sisters. Her sister Rhoda used to belong to Mr. Blanchard on Bayou Gross, Tete. Another sister was Harriet Carr. One of the brothers was Robert Blanchard, another was Edmund Blanchard. They all lived on Grosse Tete. Her youngest sister married Mr. C. S. Mimms. Harriet Carr's husband died in 1869. She had three children; Bedford, Henry and Bill who got burnt in Plaquemine, La. The last we heard of aunt she was in St. James on the Starpole Plantation Her name is Cassie Reene. Marrying might have changed her name. I hear she is in New Orleans. Address Ray Bedford Carr, Slaughter, P. O., La.

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